What the hell is a Hufflepuff
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i’ve never seen police throw tear gas or shoot rubber bullets at Westboro Baptist protestors. 

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7 billion people, 14 billion ass cheeks

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a headline no one was prepared for

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are u ever mean as fuck in ur head and u aint wanna be and u’d never say it out loud but that one voice in ur head is a total asshole and u feel bad for even thinking it and u wonder if thats how u rly are

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so me and my dad are watching a documentary about a man that killed his children and the presenter turned to the camera and said ‘how could anyone ever think about killing their child’ and my dad sat there looking straight at the tv and said ‘trust me its not difficult’ he then looked at me and sighed

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imagine life without copy paste

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What if clouds and lakes switched spots and every time you looked up you’d see waves being pulled by the moon and we’d wade through the clouds on a hot day. What if birds grew grass and the ground grew feathers. What if flowers were as tall as trees and trees as small as flowers. 

I’ll have whatever he’s having. 

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Taylor Swift on Late Night with Seth Meyers

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in red lipstick, no one to impress…
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